The Social and Medical Services Directorate is the main public provider of social and medical services and social benefits at local level (Cluj-Napoca). The institution was created in 2008 and it is subordinated to the Local Council of the Municipality of Cluj-Napoca. The institution is funded from the local budget. Its mission is identifying the social problems and needs of the community; finding the proper solutions regarding child and family protection, the elderly, persons with disabilities and other persons in need or vulnerable groups; social and community development, prevention and management of social risks. Its actions are directed towards the individual, the family, the community level.

The Objectives of DASM :

  • preventing situations which could lead to social marginalization

  • supporting the ones in need in overcoming difficulties in order to limit/tackle temporary/permanent effects of situations which can generate social exclusion

  • increasing the quality of life

  • promoting the social inclusion of vulnerable persons and groups within the local community.

The Structure: DASM has around 970 full-time employees

The Main departments:

  • The Department for Social Protection

  • The Centre for Social Inclusion – a centre which is destined for supporting the social inclusion of vulnerable people (Roma people, persons with disabilities, homeless people, etc)

  • The Child and Family Protection Department

  • The Resource Center for Parents and Children

  • The Center for Preventing and Combating Domestic Violence The center is a day-care center intended for victims of domestic violence from Cluj-Napoca which has the role of preventing and combating domestic violence by assisting the victims (adults and children). Its purpose is ensuring emergency intervention for victims and identifying solutions regarding their safety. The center provides counseling programs for victims, legal advice to overcome the risk situations and the trauma resulting from domestic violence. The center is also preoccupied with informing the community about the phenomenon of domestic violence.

  • The Assistance for Persons with Disabilities Department

  • The Assistance for the Elderly Department

  • Home care for the elderly services

  • 2 day-care centres for the elderly

  • 9 clubs for retired people

  • Wonderland Day-Care Center – ”Wonderland” Day-care Center is a social unit which provides social services in area of prevention and education as well as social integration aimed at children belonging to marginalized groups. Its purpose is to ensure proper care and education for Roma pre-school children (aged 3-6) from marginalized neighbourhoods in order to safeguard their integration into the mainstream education system.

  • The Center for Socio-Medical Services –offers neuropsychomotor recovery services for children aged 0-18 and counseling services for their families.

  • The Social Emergency Center – provides temporary shelter (6 months, with the possibility of extension for another 6 months) and other social services and support to homeless people having a capacity of 50 places

  • The Temporary Host Center - provides temporary shelter and other social services and support to homeless people, having a capacity of 64 places

  • The Project Management and Community Development Department - identifies existing social needs at local level and coordinates the development and implementation at local level of strategies and measures (projects, programs) to respond to these needs, mainly by attracting non-reimbursable funds, thus contributing to sustainable local social development.

  • School medical units (dental/general medicine)

  • The Municipal Hospital

  • The Human Resources Department

  • The Financial Department

  • The Public Procurement and Logistics Department


The Social and Medical Services Directorate (DASM), The Municipality of Cluj-Napoca, Romania

Address: Cluj-Napoca,  Venus St, fn.

Tel : +40 264-599316,



Facebook: Direcția de Asistență Socială și Medicală


  • Crina Moisă –The Project Management and Community Development Department, Project manager for DASM,
  • Ioana Oltean - The Project Management and Community Development Department,  Technical and financial monitoring expert,
  • Farcaș Raluca –The Center for Preventing and Combating Domestic Violence, Psychologist,   
  • Moldovan Bianca –The Child and Family Department, Social worker,
  • Bilașco Irina - The Financial Department, Financial Manager,

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