One of the project activities, entitled Time for Change: Evidence based research for new practice approaches, aims to map and comparatively analyse the current work with perpetrators in the participating countries, to estimate the scale of the problem, to provide a needs assessment and to discover potential referral routes, suggesting relevant perpetrator programme for professionals in the form of non-criminal justice intervention.

In the framework of this activity, European Knowledge Spot organized two focus groups (September 29th and October 2nd 2020). 

The discussions were carefully planned, designed to obtain different perceptions on the profile of perpetrators and victims, on the current legal framework and on the crucial role of schools, the police and of families in preventing and combating domestic violence and abuse.

“We would like to offer special thanks to the psychiatrists, psychologists, social workers, and lawyers who took part in the discussions and assisted in generating a large variety of opinions on domestic violence and abuse acts”. European Knowledge Spot

The participants in the two focus groups organized by EKS represent the following organizations:

-The General Secretary for Family Policy and Gender Equality,

-Greek Ombudsman,

-The Hellenic Systemic Thinking and Family Therapy Association (H.E.S.T.A.F.T.A),

-Centre for Research on Women’s Issues (CRWI) “Diotima”

-Caritas Hellas

-Center for European Constitutional Law

-Apostoli NGO

-Roots Research Center.


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